Continuing Legal Education

Access to Justice in Oregon: Serving Oregon's Poor

Help your firm or organization learn more about access to justice through this CLE, presented by CEJ. Please contact our office to schedule.

CLE Description:

60 minutes of instruction---1.0 Access to Justice credit hours (formerly Elimination of Bias credit) or general credit. Each presentation varies slightly depending on the presenters and location. An effort is made to incorporate information about your local legal aid office.

Includes discussion of:

  • The civil legal needs of the poor in Oregon;
  • Delivery of Civil Legal Services in Oregon
    • Setting Case Priorities
    • Income Eligibility
    • Funding Sources
    • Domestic Violence—Studies about Impact
    • Housing—Case Example about Impact
    • The Impact of Legal Aid in Our Communities
  • Campaign for Equal Justice
    • Mission and Early Priorities
    • Programs Impacted
    • Bar Involvement, Including Professionalism Standards
    • What You Can Do to Help Fill the Gap


Legal aid client "Helen"